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Koed Beastly

How to maximize your efficiency

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  1. The ancient mace 



This item requires the "Another Slice of H.A.M" quest.

It can give you up to +26 extra prayer points if you use the Special Attack in P2P.

When hopping to f2p worlds the boost remains.

This is one of the mandatory items to have!  


For the higher Special attack use Max Strength bonus & using the Salve Amulet(I) will improve hits if used on Skeletons or other undead Creatures.

We will use this on an undead mummy in a Player Owned House or POH.

By using this dummy you will always hit the max hit so you get your 100%¨prayer bonus.




Anti-Venom(++) & Stamina Potions  




These are basically mandatory for Official Pk Trips. 


The Anti-Venom potion has  been released with the Zulrah weapon add on.

Alot of MPC (75att) or HPC pures will use a Toxic staff of the Death as their +1.

Without this potion you shall be hit 20's by poison if you don't have it, you can also use Super-AntiPoison potions but it shall require two sips instead of the one. 


Stamina potions are also really useful. Trips consist of a lot of running around and chasing clans.

A Stamina potion restores 20% of your energy and reduces the rate that run energy depletes whilst running by 70%.

It also recharges energy 30% faster that normal.


Dueling Ring & Games Necklace




Dueling Rings are very useful, when out of a fight and/or done with a fight, it allows for a quick bank teleport after hopping to a P2P world.

Followed by the games necklace, which you are required to have at least 50 of. This item allows for the fastest returns to the Corp cave and the 18 Ports/Sperm Hill area. 







Yes I know, we all hate this skill (including me). 

However this is one of the non combat skills greatly influencing pking! 

You guys probs thinking why this skill is even relevant...


Well imagine your running all the way from corp to chaos altar in a Fall-In and you are out of run energy (and staminas for p2p).

If another clan is chassing us it will be so much easier to call a pile on you since your walking all the way down far away from your clanmembers.

Agility does help you in f2p aswell if your a member (the boost in f2p disappears when your membership runs out).


Energy gradually recovers (increasing up to a maximum of 100%) any time that the player is not running, i.e. walking or standing still, except at certain times when the player is doing something else, such as crossing an agility obstacle. The rate at which it recovers increases with the player's agility level, but does not recover at all when the player is logged out of the game. The following formula shows the amount of run energy that will be regained per second: aefe1547774ab59a7fb41294a2fe5173.png

where N is the player's agility level.

It takes roughly 12 minutes 30 seconds  at level 1 agility to regain 0-100% run energy.

By level 70 this only takes around 3 minutes 20 seconds, and the drain is also significantly lower. 






If you have any questions regarding this matter please do not hesitate to contact us.



The staff team



PM me for Questing Services








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It takes roughly 12 minutes at level 1 agility to regain 0-100% run energy.

By level 70 this only takes around 3 minutes 20 seconds, and the drain is also significantly lower. 

Now those are some interesting numbers :o


Seems like I'm training Agility in my spare time now ^^


Good guide Koed Beastly! Love them :)

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