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A Return Guide - Traversing the Wilderness & PvP Worlds

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Some of these teleports have requirements:

  1. Desert Treasure complete for all ancient teleports and tabs
  2. 57 Woodcutting for highest level canoe
  3. Wilderness Hard Diary to reliably use the teleport obelisks
  4. 74 Agility + Wilderness Hard Diary for lava dragon agility shortcut
  5. Wilderness Elite Diary for unlimited teles to glory hill







  1. 10 Construction - Move POH to Tav 
  2. Goblin Village Tele - Another Slice of HAM
  3. Falador Respawn - Recruitment Drive




  1. Plague City for Ardy Teleport
  2. Biohazard for West Ardy Teleport
  3. Ardy Easy Diary for Cloak teleport
  4. Tree Gnome Village for Spirit Trees & "Follow" option out of maze





  1. 25 Construction to move POH here
  2. 46 Agility for river shortcut
  3. Xeric's Talisman (note: is dropped on death, but does not turn to coins and does not lose charges)

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