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Caprisonn's NMZ RANGE guide

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Hello misfits members!


Was thinking i could make a Nightmarezone range guide on how ''I'' do nmz  :)  Enjoy! :ph34r: 




So First off ill tell why i bring the items i do and add pictures:


The reason i bring G-Maul and Overload is for Power surge (the power surge and G-maul spec is insane)

Would have brought d claws if i had hehe ;)


3x Range pots, could have brought 4 maybe

19x Super restores could have done 20 to stay a bit longer.


The thing in my arrow spot is called a blessing (any kind rly)

it gives 1+ prayer bonus

I use any kind of god robes and mitre for prayer bonus instead of robin hood hat and tunic.


prayer bonus is good cus it makes my prayer to last longer.

if you cant afford ranger boots use holy sandals.


i use anguish for range bonus, could use fury or glory instead.

I use Archer ring (i)  upgraded the archer ring at nmz rewards chest.

My vambs are Black spiky Vambs, gives same rng bonus as normal ones



Blowpipe: i use mithril darts cus they are alot cheaper than addy and dragon.


My Range lvl is 92 atm.






Now to the Bosses i have in NMZ and the quests to do them:





From comments:






Here are the quest ill recommend qich ones to do with a  #   and why:



¤Count Draynor:     Vampire Slayer Quest           #Easy boss to kill


¤The Kendal:           Mountain Daughter Quest   -If you want the bear head (best def helm for 1 def pures)


¤Tree Spirit:             Lost City Quest                    #For use of DDS and D-long


¤Khazard Warlord:  Tree Gnome Village Quest   #11,450 att xp


¤Bouncer:                Fight Arena Quest                #12,175 att xp and 2,175 thieving xp


¤Black Demon:       Grand Tree Quest                 #7900 agility xp,18,400 att xp, 2150 magic xp


¤Jungle Demon:    Monkey Madness Quest     -If you want to use D-Scim



The dream i choose when i go in is:


Rumble->Costumisable Hard     Wich let me chose wich bosses to do.




Hope ya liked my Guide and good luck on the quests for those who havent done them.


The easiest way to find out how to do the quests is youtube, all the quests guide are there.


If ya need a guide on anything else or a melee guide on how i do nmz leave a comment and ill try do my best. :D 



Also leave a comment if any questions ill do my best to answer ;) 

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Great guide.  I'd recommend that once you get all of your imbues done, you switch to absorption pots.  You'll get a crazy amount of nmz points you'll never be able to use maxing out anyways, and using absorbs is free.  Plus it'll let you add bosses with multiple attack types.

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Nice guide bro! Do you know the xp per hour??

No soz :/ but i bet someone in the clan does ;D im AFK training when i do nmz so i don't pay attention to the Xp/hr  :P

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What are the range pots for when you can overload?

Personally i also like the imbued ring of the god, which acts like a holy wrench.
And also an ancient mace is OP in combo with Power Surge.

However some people swear by absorption potions, tmo they are not afk enough, and not as free as everybody says they are.
A full potion costs 4k points which averages near 5k gp, and you go through them a lot faster than ppots...
However, i did not test this out yet, but i can if people would like me to.

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you dont use absorbtion pots? Im new to NMZ but i thought that was the way to go

if you are poor you use absorption. But only afk method is prayer pots

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