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Organized Crime guide! Massive HP XP

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Organized crime | One of the best HP xp methods in game



 First off you need 40% Shayzien house hold favor


Make sure if you have any other favors started, to have them at 100% and locked or they will be drained for how much % you get in another favor


Getting 40% Favor




First off you need to heal the wounded soldiers in the picture I attached below. Grab bandages from the small tent and use on each soldier upstairs and down stairs repeatedly until 5%. Each heal gives 0.1% favor


Once at 5% favor you will be heading to lizardman all the way to 40% favor


Grab the best range gear you can get preferably a blowpipe and cannon if you can afford.




12-16 pray potions

2 ranging potions

2 antidote++

5-6 food


Teleport just incase


You will always want to pray range against the lizardman unless the brute comes up to you then pray melee. What I felt to be helpful was to hide behind the fire while the cannon does most of the work.


Each lizardman kill will gives you 0.1% favor


Note: The lizardman drop a xeric's talisman which you will later need for teleports. I recommend staying there until you get one as a drop. Drop rate is 1/250


After you have 40% favor you can finally do organized crime


Go southeast from bank or teleport with xeric's talisman and run north to the tent (picture above) and talk to Captain Ginea, after that there will be a notice board to tell you when the next meeting is. Be sure to grab a ticket after to remember the location. The meetings are all over Zeah. What me and @@zquickster find to be the best method is to see how long until the next meeting is and do pest control in the in between times. Each meeting is roughly every 30 minutes, sometimes sooner. (I recommend using a timer on your phone/computer)


Grab plenty of pest control teleports and charge your xeric's talisman with the lizardman fangs.


Fighting the organized crime events


Follow this guide for the locations of the events happening



Some areas are multi and non multi

For the multi areas you will want to bring ice barrage/burst and a cannon

For non multi areas you will want to bring cannon/blow pipe and hide behind something or run downstairs if its in a building while the cannon does work. 


Be sure to bring a teleport, xerics talisman (to teleport to locations) 1 pray potion, 1 stamina, 8-10 food because 1 boss ranges while others melee. You can also freeze the ranging boss stand under and then pray melee against the others.


After they're all dead you should pick up the intelligence that they drop. These are the items that give XP. Take these back to Captain Ginea and she will give you xp books. For example at 98 HP each book will give 2450 xp. Once you get fast with this you will be looking at 10-16 intelligence's each run ranging from 25k-40k xp in a matter of minutes.


Note: You will need to kill them as quickly as possible and hop multiple worlds until the meeting is over (you have 5 minutes to do this.) This increases your chance of getting more intelligence drops. 


Worlds 18, 33, 68 are good starting worlds.


They also drop rune scimitars, herbs, and noted planks (mohagany, teaks, oak) so it pretty much pays for your supplies.


Well there it is, do this in repeat and you should be getting crazy xp gains!


UPDATE: Start in world 68 and go in this order 68, 18, 33, 75, 76, 59, 60, 69, 5, 6, 22, 44, 46

There might be a delay on some of them but they will spawn.

I've been getting 18-24 intelligence each run now, ranging from 45-60k HP XP in a matter of minutes!

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Good guide bud, glad you found the time to put it together!


Side note Boys, you need to kill them as quickly as possible and continuously hop worlds, they drop noted planks (mahogany, teak, oak) grab these and rune scimitars. But always grab the "intelligence" on average you get 8-16 intelligence when hopping worlds. You need to be fast because other people are doing this as well.


8 intelligence at 2400xp each is 19.2k xp, 16 is 38.4k xp


The event lasts for 5 minutes so you have to be quick.


For a leg up on the competition world 68 and world 33 post the locations earlier than every other world and start before every other world.


Between this and pest control there is absolutely no reason you can't get almost 80-100k xp an hr.


You 100% will need to use a timer of some sort ( on your phone or computer) to remind you to stop what you are doing and go to the assigned location, as the "notice board" notes that you receive do not come with a timer, it's only posted on the board








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Nois, didn't even know that this minigame existed.






"Sit retard" just has that slightly excessive use of profanity that makes it work.


It's the thinking mans line.



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