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There is a BUZZ in the Wildy -MF P2P PK TIRP Ft. Foe/Zenith

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On this fine Halal Ramadan friday evening we had set up a week prior a P2P PKRI vs Resistance but they had only pulled 18 while 37 Misfits showed up. Good thing we got word that Zenith and FOE were having a PKRI and decided to pay a small visit knowing that both clans had almost double opts! We knew we'd have a challenge not mounting up to their numbers but we were still able to out-maneuver the fight with our 200 IQ without a problem, maximizing our kills making loot! 

We can say that we definitely took the honey home tonight and that there was a buzz in the wildy !


Black Up POV


GWAS ft. Coffin Dancers













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