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Stick together

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Don't let the closure of the clan effect the community you've worked on for 2 years!


As an ex-high rank and current rank of Vengeance I was saddened to hear this happened, yet it never surprises me as I've seen it happen way to many times before. What's really important is what I've learned out of it tho. The community = the most important thing in a well-established clan. Once you have a decent community you can literally achieve anything you want. Misfits has been the proof of that! That's why it's important that the people who are left and ready to continue playing have to stick together, work as one, make a decision as one. With Discord it couldn't be easier (and cheaper).


Even tho I was only here the first 3-6 months since my passion was laying somewhere ells, I was always proud to have been a Misfit in my pure clanning days ;)


Thank you for getting in touch with me back in the day @@Zee

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