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How to Become a Decent Edge Pure Pker in 1 Week

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(Results from approximately 2 weeks... KDR is higher but theres a lot of deaths from selling T10s/7s in these stats)


Edge pking is an element of the game that a lot of pure clanners don't really understand or participate in. I can almost guarantee that you're missing out, as it's equally as fun if not more fun than rev caves, clan wars, bridding, and PVE.


DISCLAIMER: As I haven't played much RS in the past 2 months, and I was never perfect to begin with, I'm no longer really that good... but I do have the info in my head that the best in the game taught me! I learned from half a dozen of the top 10 edge pkers in OSRS.




1. Use MSB. It's far superior to a dragon scimitar as you can stack hits (more on that later), catch newer players off guard as it is 1 tick faster than a d scim, and if your ranged level is appropriate for your att/str it should be more accurate and do more overall dps than a melee weapon. 75 attack pures can use blessed saradomin sword into gmaul spec, but the drawback is the bss is largely ineffective against defence and relies too much on one burst (you won't kill someone in armor with repeated bss whacks)


2. Everything has to be done extremely quickly in edge pking. Eating, specing, moving in and out of tick range. As you die and regear 100x, 1000x you'll eventually become faster at everything.  In the gif above the gmaul spec happens before the gmaul is seen, making it extremely unpredictable.


3. Gmaul is meta. Most of the best combos involve a granite maul as it's the most broken thing in the game, allowing you to hit 40 40 instantly in between, before, or after attacks... sometimes without any warning like in the gif above (note that the elder maul was about to hit him if that didn't kill him!) You can use an ags but it's always better with a maul, and I would argue that double gmaul to ags whack is stronger than using the actual ags spec in 99% of cases.




4. Pid matters. It can be really difficult to tell who has pid at first, but as you get used to different weapons, you'll be able to see that your hits are slightly earlier or slightly later. It's RNG: 50% of the time, if you fire an arrow at the same time as your opponent with the same bow, your arrow will hit him first. This matters a lot as people can eat before the arrow hits them... allowing them to effectively react, while you cannot, or vice versa. With the new update, this changes more often than it did, allowing players to have a chance at pid during a single fight more often (however it also causes bullshit deaths and KOs to happen as well).


5. Eat immediately after delivering your potential "killing blow". If you're low, and you just speced, don't wait and see what you hit, you should have already eaten as soon as your XP drop went off on your spec and or whack.


6. Watch XP drops! You can sometimes spec after a large xp drop, knowing your hit is big before your opponent does.


7. Don't get smited. As a new player, you should probably risk something small, like a berserker ring or zamorak godsword, before you acclimate to the extreme dps that is no-overhead edge pking. You can even risk nothing. People will still fight you in world 18/19 because you're their target.


8. Instant hit range: please watch this guide if you don't understand how 2h weapons work in OSRS. This is what allows us to stack gmaul/godsword whack hits with our msb.



9. 1-Tick Everything



Part 2: The practical steps


1) The Meta Combo


Your basic combo is msb hit --> double gmaul --> godsword/elder maul whack. You wait for the msb xp drop, then you click your gmaul, click the spec bar TWICE, and click your opponent, making sure to be in instant 2h range (see vids above). Then before the gmaul continues and hits them as normal, you click your zamorak godsword/other finishing whack weapon with a high max hit, and click your opponent. Since this is incredibly difficult especially when your opponent is moving around, I recommend just trying out the gmaul without the final whack first as it's much easier.





(Notice I did the gmaul delayed and it flashed for a moment before the spec, however this doesn't really matter most of the time)



1b) Gmaul Pre-Load


Some newer advanced methods have come about, like the gmaul pre load. You click the gmaul, click spec bar twice, click elder (or any other non spec bar weapon like a dharoks greataxe) click your opponent, wait for it to hit your opponent, click gmaul, click them again and the gmaul specs instantly after the non spec bar weapon. It all happens so fast the game doesn't realize you equipped another weapon. Most people who do this end up screwing it up and flashing the gmaul before or not even pulling it off. If you want to see a good example of this being done correctly check out C Engineer's recent Dharok risk fight vids. He is stationary melee fighting in the clips... I believe it is near impossible to do consistently while moving or on a moving target.


2) The Step In


A lot of players don't understand why the msb is the best, and this is the #1 reason. It's what I used to kill Torvesta in a recent vid. If you fire an arrow at your opponent from more than a couple of squares away, click the ground near your opponent (usually within 3 squares), click your elder maul, and click your opponent, you will travel faster than the arrow and both hits will stack. This means you can hit a 20+ msb with a 50+ godsword whack on top. This catches even the best players in the game off guard, especially when you max. A guy who isn't safing can drop from 75 hp to 0 in one tick with this strategy. And it doesn't require any special attack energy! Your goal is to combine the msb arrow into gmaul spec into whack using the step-in move. If executed perfectly, all 4 hits will stack, though not at the exact same millisecond. You could hit something like a 22-39-40-53... if it's your pid, even the best player in the world can't tank this.




Moving can also confuse your opponent. Constantly running back and forth can make you a lot less predictable.




3) Eating


Everyone knows that you manta-->brew-->karambwan. The trick is being able to do it almost instantly. There can't be any delay at all when you're combo eating--it just has to happen. Brews should be saved for when you believe your opponent is about to special attack and their first hit is somewhat large, dropping you mid/low hp, or when you're caught off guard from an instant spec, or you're catching up because you just speced and couldn't eat for a moment. In general 90% of the time you eat you won't brew, so you only need one. Most of the time you just manta-->restore-->karambwan, or even just manta. Keep your prayer at max, every time you dip 20 below your max and you don't have to brew, make sure you restore. Keep in mind that you do not need to restore before repotting if you only brewed once. The super combat potion and ranging potion increased your stats, you lowered them with a brew, and you increase them again with the potions... your magic level remains low but it doesn't matter as this is not a brid fight. If you find yourself full HP often when your opponent doesn't have spec, you're probably safing. It's very hard to truly safe when your opponent still has spec... so don't camp 60 hp just because they whine!




This is so simple but something that sounded advanced and crazy when I first heard it. Basically you eat a manta, or a manta and a brew, and you wait for your opponent's hit splats before committing the last 1-2 pieces of food. This way you can "not safe" while still being able to safe. So you could eat a manta, see that his godsword hit a 50, and instantly eat the last 2 pieces as he's gmauling you. Or you could eat a manta brew and see his gmaul hit you huge, and eat the karam as hes hitting you with the elder. Just requires a fast reaction speed!


4) Moving


If you watched the above videos you'll start to understand that you don't want to be within instant 2h range of your opponent when he has high potential to kill you. In general I recommend being somewhat farther and out of range when your opponent has you at med HP and/or has spec. However, avoid constantly running away as this is considered bad edge pk etiquette... "offscreening" your opponent will result in them safing and flaming you. Run back into closer range when you have high hp and they are somewhat med/low. This way you're positioned for the kill and also making it harder for them to spec you out.


5) Prayers


A lot of people worry about prayers... now that I'm using an msb do I need to switch from eagle eye to ultimate str before I whack? I would suggest that you just ignore them and camp melee prayers. The msb doesn't really become that much less accurate without prayer, and only hits 2-3 lower. Only the very top risk fighters actually change their prayers like this in an effective manner. I just wouldn't worry about it as it's totally unnecessary to have a high KDR. If you really want a little extra edge you can start out the fight with eagle eye until you get them below 80% hp, then switch and camp the melee prayers for the rest of the fight.


6) Fighting Zerkers/Def


MSB zerkers are the same as any MSB pure except you're less likely to hit. They are also juicy loot and 45 def really isn't that hard to kill, especially when they have lower HP and you require lower hits to actually kill them. They're also a lot more susceptible to getting "stacked" by a msb hit/gs whack because of the lower hp. In general you just need to watch out for smites as their DPS will be quite high (they don't need to eat nearly as often as you so they spend more time damaging you) sometimes it can feel like you're eating the entire fight, and this is sometimes true if they get the rng. However, as long as you get your moments to "chance" them more often than they do you, you're in a good spot to destroy zerkers as a pure. Just because you don't hit them that often doesn't mean you will actually die to them very often.


Melee zerkers are actually quite simple to fight and much easier to actually execute your combo on as they are a stationary target to click on. Just hope you have pid because it's very difficult to actually kill someone in a melee fight when you don't have it as they can eat extremely well, even with a slow reaction speed. Practice 1 ticking your godsword as this will be more than 60% of your kills in this type of fight. A lot of newer zerkers aren't accustomed to the speed of the msb and it can easily catch them off guard, especially if they are focused on trying to spec you.


7) Learning strategy


If you practice these things first in a clan wars portal with some clanmates or other friends, you'll get the hang of them quick without risking anything. After some basic preparation you can head to edge with little to no risk and skip the targets with 500+ bounty kills. With the new edge target system, you can skip plenty of people who are too good to practice on, and get a new target almost instantly. Just make sure to restrict your targets to lvl 1-10 wild by talking to the guy a few steps north north of edge bank. You can skip people who are higher level than you if you find them too scary. It doesn't matter, as you're just trying to get decent.


8) Bonus: Using a house/pvp world/return sets


If you want the fastest learning possible, get a house with a spec regeneration pool or better, and pk in pvp worlds like w24/25 at the grand exchange or lumbridge. There won't be any waiting for targets, and you can pick on people lower level as you are a noob who needs a little handicap. The players here, especially at lower combat levels, tend to be much worse at pking. 55 or w/e construction is extremely fast, one of the fastest skills to get, and pays dividends for any type of osrs player.


Organizing your pk bank tab to be able to regear quickly for edge pking will take away a lot of the pain of dying and make things much less frustrating. It takes me almost no time to resupply between fights or regear after death. Remember you can repair your gear in edge bank in w19.


9) Bonus 2: Slow motion youtube


Watch pk vids on youtube at 0.5x or 0.25x speed to get an idea of what the best are doing. Check out Pan1c 07, or any of the popular content creators who pk. They all tend to be somewhat decent. Odablock is a good example of a high risk fighter who doesn't cheat. See the speed he eats and specs opponents while moving etc.


Example inventory/gear:





Dont deserve this award but hey it looks pretty

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Very nice guide,I respect the effort you put into this.


That being said, bh/pvp pking is gay as fuck, a bunch of toxic cunts trying to full hp stack each other with Gmauls... That's not fun to me.


Plus it's unsociable, let's promote multi pking which is much more beneficial to the clan!








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I think BH is a really good thing to do on your own when the clan isn't out doing anything... And will ultimately improve your ability at all PVP in general



Dont deserve this award but hey it looks pretty

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you're a fucking beast dude





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Very nice guide,I respect the effort you put into this.


That being said, bh/pvp pking is gay as fuck, a bunch of toxic cunts trying to full hp stack each other with Gmauls... That's not fun to me.


Plus it's unsociable, let's promote multi pking which is much more beneficial to the clan!

LOL this^






















































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I think BH is a really good thing to do on your own when the clan isn't out doing anything... And will ultimately improve your ability at all PVP in general


well put i think it takes some time for people to get use to and like. Its like any competitive game mode that has a steep learning curve




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Great guide man. im always in 325 but i normally stick to dbow pking since my mele isnt very strong yet. I made 15m in the last week alone by smiting people and risk fighting. TONS of fun there, its where I spend most of my free time!




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