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[AFTERMATH]P2P Sunday PK Trip ft. SF, DMK

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Not having our doors open yet, the Misfits are still working on their community, building a strong foundation and member core while keeping the nature of being a true pure clan (1-4 defense), which isn't going to be an easy road but will achieve. The main strategy is to build a high clan activity; gaming and community wise. We've been in the wild every day for the past week enjoying the game and claiming loot. We are glad that we'll be opening soon and that we will be giving out some good fights to you guys.  




We stepped out today with 9 later peaking at 16 Misfits ready to go and dominate the Wilderness. Not knowing how active the Wilderness would be, we got to quickly find a few teams and 2 clans: SF & DMK.



Misfits vs DMK

We approached Da Mafia Kingz asking them for a P2P Pkri and they gladly accepted. I notified GMT that we had a few more than they did but he still wanted to persevere, cheers. The fight took place at spider hill. DMK was defending that area firmly guarding the edges. The Misfits had a north to west wrap around the hill and aggressively rushed unto the hill with mage overheads, quickly taking control of the area: we got on our piles, and called a quick spec dump, which got us the upper hand. 


Thanks for the run-in Da Mafia Kingz :)


Misfits vs SF

While hopping around Easts and Sperm, our first encounter with SF had happened. We quickly rushed upon the Sperm Hill gaining higher ground, looking down on SF getting quick piles and pretty much ending the fight there.


Afterwards [sF]Control_Pker and I set up a PKri, I don't think he was too pleased by the first fight;


(19:34:36) want a p2p pkri ?

(19:34:3 vs Misfits

(19:34:39) we'll find you dw about it m8.

(19:34:44) youll get curbed

(19:34:45) hmm ok


So I gave my location to Control_Pker and we waited patiently (~15 minutes) around the Sperm area. Some members got bored and found 2 zerkers in a different world so they hopped to get the loot and at that exact moment SF rushed us unexpectedly. The few misfits that were still holding the Sperm Hill had to tank while the others were returning to our world. Once everybody logged in we started picking the SF members 1 by 1, and that pretty much concluded the fight. I guess we didn't end up getting curbed after all. :) 



The Killer-Bees feasted on some good loot today, thanks for all the Misfits that showed up, much love.






Kev's POV



Jordai's POV



Acid's POV


Fig's POV



















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