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How to turn off defense modes in Exilent

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Step 1

DL https://exilent.org/


Step 2

Hit settings,



Step 3

Defence modes

Make sure "Max defense level" is set to higher than what you have.



Step 4

Apply and ok



Then you will not be able to select any def modes.



I know we are all not retarded but there has been a few mishaps in the clan.


And this is for people who are too afraid to ask.


You can also do this on RuneLite and OSBuddy.


Please don't kys over def, it does not change how you play the game at all, every now and then you'll get some spastic autistic spamming "nice def faggot".






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This is sick. I didnt even know we could do this 

Even our Exp members miss things out at times.


Gz for now not ever having an excuse for getting def :D

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