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  1. Wow Bryan learned to mini. This is new! Gz on whoever had the patience to teach him!
  2. It’s good and bad, a little work a little play. But mostly work
  3. Only 90s kids will remember
  4. Lol. Why would you want to fight when the clan is at work ?
  5. Hello from Morocco, It is I, zquickster, your king and supreme ruler. Just checking in on my loyal subjects. Zee tried to FaceTime me his butthole the other day, so I figured I’d try and stop in. Watched a video of us steamrolling and saw my baby backwoods leading us to victory. How has everyone been? What’s going on my bees? For me, I’m working on a map of my journey, it’s been a crazy 6 months but I’ve now been to 5/7 continents and 50 different countries. Trying to swing an australia stop! I also am supposed to be going to holland over the summer, looking at you Dutch. I may have a week coming up soon and might stop in for a few days Until then keep up the wildy action, gents! Your supreme overlord, Zquickster
  6. Legend has it he is still banging your nan
  7. Getting paid the big bucks to travel the world my friend. Barely got time to nut let alone RS :/
  8. Facts. Some lil dicky stuff is too funny #braingottapoop
  9. Sorry we enjoy contact sports. Not flops for calls
  10. For camtasia 8 you have to delete something in your regedit
  11. I’m so glad we forced you to learn @@MySuicidalGhost