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  1. Zack


    so you've quit RS and weed? i remember when you used to be cool
  2. Zack


    kid you're gay <3
  3. beautiful sentiment, but anyone upset with the leadership in apex has every right to be. its a shit show over there
  4. respect sybren, we had some fun in the early mf days
  5. the only shit thing about that is, the clan in the shittiest position/lowest pull rn is Fi and i doubt many bees want to go to the clan they crippled other option being apex but who wants to have a rank team full of spastics and scammers
  6. i wrote that speech for you fuckhead dont steal my glory lel
  7. if i see any of u in ir or eop ur fuckin dead
  8. Zack


    what happened to zshitster
  9. you're not doing as much damage as n rangers, and the most valuable aspect of a mager is the freezes and ability to smash clumps, having 1 or 2 zammy flamers in a fight isnt bad to snipe the other team's 94 magic magers so they waste restores or sprint into clumps when they cant cast isnt a bad idea, but to have a mager focus pure damage like this doesnt seem condusive to winning. although, no one ever prays magic, so i guess there is a chance of it being good for knockouts do dps calcs for light ballista... something tells me that the mage def of normal prep gear will affect accuracy to keep ballista at higher dps