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  1. Guess that's true Man, the community is so blah. Misfits was the most active wilderness clan. Kinda impossible to find a stable clan that's similar right now.
  2. I don't mean this as a insult or a direct shot to them, but yea... Regardless of where you decide to go, please don't choose the highest pulling clans. Don't go to FOE just because they consistently pull 90-100+. Ideally, it'd be great to everyone join Caws team/clan that him and a huge chunk of Misfits core are putting together...especially if you were part of the group that commonly attends the daily rev trips. Discord: https://discord.gg/X5naad BUT, if you choose not to follow, please go towards the smaller clans. This is simply to help maintain the health of the pure community. There is a large member gap between the top pulling clans and the lower end. Help to make things a little more even <3 Thanks to the leadership of Misfits for having me for the 3rd time and thanks to @@Zee for helping to re-create the LPC movement. This clan will always be part of the best moments I've had on Runescape during my 14ish years that I've spent on this game.
  3. I attended just long enough to killed by a med team, just to have us end. Booooooooooooo
  4. I'm happy with my 500milish bank tbh. Do I wish I had a tbow? Oh hell ya...but not enough to worry about making the gp for it.
  5. Curious as to what everyone does, aside from just multi. Personally, edge+multi is all I've ever done. Bridding just never interested me up till here lately.
  6. Lmao I really needa learn how to do callisto, venny, and vetion. I want the wildy pets . Only have scorpia cause its mechanics are ezpz.
  7. FOE tried doing this to us also. Till I tbed the guy doing it...that happened to have a staff of the dead. He ran off pretty quick...
  8. Lonnie

    ez 94 magic

    Grats! 5 more levels to go!!
  9. That looked simple enough...gj
  10. Lonnie

    War CLOSED

    Never liked seeing a clan close. It always means less action. BUT, War...just wow. Glad to see them go... Next, can we beat on FI some? That Elve dude seems like a a+ idiot.