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  1. Are Ya Winning Son?

  2. Did I miss the memo? 

    1. Jaya



    2. Zee


      my warlord !

    3. Zack


      hey its my better half

  3. Small Update Won A Major Event In Doubles (2v2) Link to Grand finals if you'd like to see also oof "ex-misfits" status. Rip
  4. Pug

    Poor Pug

  5. Smash Switch announced, I'll take on the entire clan Bo5 $5 minimum offline / online Good Luck.
  6. Px Needed a +1 so u know, i gotta give my boys in misfits action
  7. Which one is the real Pug?
  8. unsure but i also think this might just be a usb problem. Reason being is when i plug in my microphone it gives the yellow ! mark but my microphone still works 100% fine, however i plug in my mouse and it KNOWS its connected but the laser only turns on when the computer starts up. idk if that helps
  9. So, I've found out that when i turn on my Laptop the Mouse Red Sensor Light works and then it shuts off after my computer reaches the login screen.... So the mouses DO work but for some reason the sensors are shut off
  10. The USB port works because my Microphone and webcam still activate and work. I think its a driver issue or something else, going to be checking more tonight.
  11. I've got three, so its not a mouse issue.
  12. I'll try to make this simple to understand. Last Night, I plug in mouse via usb and Mouse Lights up and works. Today I start Laptop, plug in mouse, lights work but the red sensor light never turns on and none of my three mouses are working. MSI Laptop Windows 10 or w.e. Wat Do Help Purg
  13. Pants has best clip idgaf. I SURVIVEDDDD