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  1. mistifts actually reopened? 

  2. Whats req to raid on a pure?
  3. http://services.runescape.com/m=forum/forums.ws?320,321,81,65326085,goto,1 New clan for you on your adventure
  4. some sick hype video man wish i could edit like this
  5. First time pking with that many runes and zammy flames so don't judge the inv
  6. yea man seeing a huge improvement in hits, and thanks Riri
  7. 94 Mage paying for itself
  8. https://i.gyazo.com/09681f2310ab5d76ddf9cc81f01df2fd.mp4 Don't know why I can't make it so it shows up on forums but finished from grinding from 83.
  9. I vote we change from Misfits to Young Rebels, all in favor
  10. Might have to get back into the friendly banter videos
  11. I've lost one account to botting to go out to an auto clicker would be sad, but I think i'm gonna just train magic with slayer till i can burst dusties, I like your willpower to get the best xp in the game tho Rihanna
  12. I can't do 99 mage through clicking alch all day or stun alching so what would be better fire waving nmz, or bursting jellies, if I have the willpower to get 65 slayer then bursting dusties would be an option too.