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  1. WELCOME BACK FELLA'S <3 someone called 2020 reopen too.
  2. nice pov that bro, gj lads.
  3. bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  4. A small group of boys wanted to get some rev world's clear. we massed up 5-10 people and went into some action with pure's and hit foe a couple times. post your kill pictures boys.
  5. I changed my name to "MF Bickle" boys. I dont think this is permanent will probs change it back to the original after the 2 year anni have a good day boys <3
  6. they came to be fair, didnt wanna fallout but we found and cleared them twice anyway
  7. Check it out at 1:00 when I chance the fuck out of the whale 😂
  8. @@Asap once you do this skulltrick to someone they won’t fall for it ever again so the less people that do it the better lmao. @@Famcloth Yo that’s what I’m talking about my dude sick loot unfortunately every craws bow I attack just runs away and has no intention on fighting back so it’s almost impossible to get them I will find one that fights back soon and when he does he’s fuck lmao
  9. because the guy who showed it me told me not too? so if your dad gives you antique car with 0 miles on it and says its a show car dont drive it, when hes not looking would you go drive it behind his back?
  10. Before i go into today's easy peasy free money i'd like to personally thank @@honna for putting the work in to show me how to do this. im sorry to say ill stick to my promise and i wont tell anyone how its done(SORRY GUYS). i hope he does the same because if this trick gets out there we will lose out on alot of fucking money XD anyways... enjoy.. :') fucking love that one ^ new record for us 18m off one guy free tunic and blowpipe that guy stood next to us naked in the black clothing is the guy we just killed... he didnt even know how skulled... fucking love this game l0l he item protected the blowpipe ill take the free robin and sara d'hide boots though cheers buddy <3 i didnt get the kill message and loot value in my photo as here that is below another easy blowpipe my partner needs to stop loot bagging our kills lmfao... stupid @brodoo honestly the money im making from doing this is insane ( also i have 3 blowpipes now not 2) (we got one after i took this photo too XD)