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  1. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>POST PICTURES HERE <<<<<<<<<<<
  2. i personally think the show is doing great, btu i can see where you are coming from. i used to never be able to guess correctly as to what would happen, and it would blow my mind. but now im calling it on point. I called the dragon breathing blue fire [ how else would the walkers get past the wall?] i called little finger's death, though sansa really had me fooled for a bit, and i also called the "temporary alliance" evan though i thought it would be bc cersei know she was fucked, but instead it was jamie keeping his word. IMO the show is still amazing, it just lost the small factor of never really knowing whats gonna happen next. but i think that is mostly due to the fact that were on season 6 now not season 1. we got a feel for how things go
  3. LOL if i had, i would walk around saying callin it my Px slave
  4. omg u lucky. i still dont have a skilling pet and i want one
  5. So i brought bss to kill minions, and i got most of the kills. was just ags wack/spec for the main boss. at the end i had more kills than all the mains. it was like 28-36-47 and i had 50. and with ags instead of Blowpipe, you dont get near as much minion aggro. its my new way of bandos tbh
  6. @@avatar roku you missed out bigtime l0l u shoulda come when i offered