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    Hello, just geared up the pure last night..ready to pk with my boys
  2. Hello all my misfits brothers and sisters, most know me and most newer guys don't so let me introduce myself. I'm John, people call me Cheesy or Dr God (Cheesy IRL because I literally will be in the fridge at 3 am eating cheese) I'm a retired member of MF because I was out of country for a few months for work and recently came back building a fresh account, I came back to the states and didn't start playing until I built a PC (used to play with a laptop and a mouse on my arm chair as a mousepad) and then I moved shortly after. ANYWAYS I built a pure that ended up getting hacked it had to be from a long time ago because the hacker literally changed the email to something similar to mine that I can't see because it just says t****@Y**** and they just waited, account was basically a bond account made out of country and its as good as gone. With the generosity of MF members and personal friends I got hooked up with some gold with the decision to make a new pure and I figured what better to keep me motivated while I do this then to create a little series for mine and yours enjoyment. I tore my ACL when I was younger and it's been acting up a lot which has put me on profile at work and I'm unable to do anything (as if I did anything to begin with) The support I have gotten from MF since joining earlier this year has been insane, including keeping me as a retired member and it would absolutely mean the world to me if you guys subscribe and follow my journey into becoming a wasp and at the same time give me any sort of feedback. Thank you guys, hope to be PK ready by the 23rd. Everyone should know I'm not much of a talker so I'm going far out of my zone by doing this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCrDL4RhQjU&t=20s
  3. Anyone feel like making me an avatar that can be used on site/youtube? No preference really, just want it to look cool and say "CF"