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  1. @Zee Miss this brother <3 you still running?
  2. So a chilled solo singles trip ended up with a cute little pull from the killer bees!!! After hopping about and getting a few decent kills at singles, it became dead so we ventured into multi and had a little scrap with AO outnumbered but with quick returns and the usual quality it wasn't long until they were all gone and #misfits wins again good quality shit from everyone there was a pleasure. few pics: Notice the name v dem loots Didn't get much else as client froze Feel free to add though xD
  3. Jordan


    Anyone play cs? hmu on steam, id: http://steamcommunity.com/id/runeop
  4. Jordan

    17 Kc :O

    So lucky lmao. gz
  5. Another week another extermination
  6. Gratz man, gonna be working on it myself lol, mage pots are killing me :/
  7. Can't post pics for some reason will later on
  8. I was thinking more of 1v1s than piling one guy, could be interesting though
  9. Looked fun gents, sad i was at work >.<
  10. I have an idea. We should get together record clips and make a clan montage, more publicity and alot of fucking fun. If anyones decent at singles or even shit like me idc Just an idea if anyones keen =] -Oh i can edit also
  11. Good trip thoroughly enjoyed, outnumbered but not outgamed