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  1. Gore

    RIP at Inners

    Sounds like he was on his main earlier using defense and forgot to re-disable
  2. Gore

    1000 PC

    I remember when I had higher pc than you
  3. Tank tested... Nah forreal tho, glad you're okay
  4. Gore

    Money making

    Sick, I didn't know this. How much smithing xp are steel bars p/h?
  5. Fuckin sick bro, EZ for MF
  6. Just an update, the specific numbers have been released (on my phone so CBF linking) iirc if you are NOT skulled the drop rate of craws/viggoras etc is around 1/6500 from a dragon rev If you ARE skulled the same items drop at an increased rate of 1/2200 from a dragon rev
  7. Aeroplane method! Check out potupsonrs on YouTube. He's got the best luring guides
  8. Lmao you could actually be onto something
  9. So it's just been confirmed by Ronan and Ash on twitter that your chance of hitting the unique revenant drop table is increased if you're skulled https://twitter.com/MLGudi/status/1050707996882407424 As far as I can tell they're completely serious - not trolling.
  10. Just Llisten to the caller. If they say gwas/barrage/chin a pile then do it. If you haven't heard the caller say that.. then just blitz.
  11. Fuckin sick, another big hitta for Sunday funday.