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  1. What goes around, comes back around!
  2. Loved that fight, always up for pkris.
  3. Of course I know this song! It's also in jackass, so you can't miss it.
  4. Except for zubat, nobody gives a shit about zubat.
  5. Like the title says, would you guys be with or against the addition of worlds that are strictly for 1-10 (max 20) defence accounts. That way we won't have mains/med levels/raggers/cancer attacking us when we try and destroy our enemies. Also, would you guys be with or against it if it were to be implemented to F2P too, as f2p is riddled with cancerous raggers. Meaning P2P Pure clans like EoM is going to have to lose the majority of it's opts when it hops to it, AAO is going to have to avoid that world like the plague (as if they don't avoid everything else already), PX is going to have to change their spam and what's left of KoP will be buried.
  6. I guess we're going to have to wait and see what jagex does about it.
  7. Pokemon. Hell yeah! Gratz. Eff you doc Before or after he shit his pants?
  8. That's true, but that as well is going to be f2p soon. So their main source of income is going to shift towards mtx. There is no way they are getting rid of the microtransactions especially since there's a lot of players coming in daily on the three main platforms and the huge amount of streamers buying every single skin that comes out is fucking crazy.
  9. IRL friend started playing runescape a few months ago, decided to buy 10m osrs from food4rs for 1.40$ a mill, proceeds to buy splitbark armor, 1k death runes and elemental runes, gets a slayer task of earth warriors and goes to edgeville dungeon with his whole bank. He was lvl 57. Easiest 10m I ever made. Edit: Forgot to mention he plays once every couple of years. So he has no fucking clue how to play the game.
  10. Best rag to riches story 2018 so far.
  11. 75% sure this is a plot to get us to buy rev teleports so that he can dump his and cash out. /s What if i get 84 agility, obelisk and the rev teles, what happens then?