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  1. missing him rn

  2. After a fun PKRI against HY we approached them for a Ft100 CWA event and they accepted! We changed from wildy to CWA gear and went in the portal and was able to leave with the W! Thanks once again for the fight HY, hopefully we do more in the future. Black UP POV Zee POV Jordon POV
  3. On this fine Friday evening, we had set a PKRI vs Hydra and got to call up 27 Misfits, we got to go for 2 rounds. Knowing that HY had a few more we were confident that this was going to be a good fight. We got word that Resistance was massing to crash the war, as well as DC and BP teamed up and showed up in Misfits capes to rag some us, but none of the crashers were successful, they simply donated their sets and we sent them back to picking flax. Too bad anti-MF DC+BP couldn't crash the fight properly but instead had to show up in our team capes like the fanboys they are! Nonetheless it was really good fight and we had a blast! We got a couple of SOTD and an AGS from the failed crashers! We were able to get the full clears on both fights. Thanks for the fight Hydra! Zee POV Backwoods
  4. Good fkn shit today! 

    There's a buzz in the wildy !


  6. On this fine Halal Ramadan friday evening we had set up a week prior a P2P PKRI vs Resistance but they had only pulled 18 while 37 Misfits showed up. Good thing we got word that Zenith and FOE were having a PKRI and decided to pay a small visit knowing that both clans had almost double opts! We knew we'd have a challenge not mounting up to their numbers but we were still able to out-maneuver the fight with our 200 IQ without a problem, maximizing our kills making loot! We can say that we definitely took the honey home tonight and that there was a buzz in the wildy ! Black Up POV GWAS ft. Coffin Dancers

  8. nice topic @Black Steve ! Good fight hydra ! Nice vid @Gregstar
  9. Misfits went out to swarm revs for couple hours and found couple of clans (Foe/Fi/T/Dc) and claimed our loots ! If you are 1 defense and want to daily events, join us !
  10. Misfits approached SUP for a P2P mini and they accepted! We knew it would be difficult as they are all 100+ 25 def and we were mostly lvl 80-90 1 def pures but we managed to get the win! Ty for the fight SUP! Zee POV Backwoods POV
  11. While 25 def clans were fighting each other with mains in f2p, SF approached us for a CW event to do 2 rounds of first-to-100 in P2P . We haven't done many of those in the past so didn't know what to really expect. The event was a bit earlier than scheduled and we got 28 Misfits together for it and was able to get the 2-0. Thanks for the fight SF! Zee POV
  12. good fkn job today bros ! You killed it

    1. MF JOEY

      MF JOEY

      easy for misfits

  13. As we were PKing in revs, we found BP and approached them for a pkri as the wilderness was dead! After being ignored for a couple of days they accepted to our surprise! We accepted and we started off with 24 and BP claimed to have 25. As we were defending on CA, BP logged in East of us with 35+, we knew this was going to be tough as we were approx down 10. But we've been in these circumstances before and this wasn't new ground for us. So we pulled slightly north west towards corp while killing any Bp coming in us while gaining numbers! As we pulled them towards us we gained the advantage and gained opts while more Misfits was coming online and more BP were disconnecting ! From this point on we took the aggressive stance and started staying on top of them while we had mains camping us and few BP were returning in rag, but that just made it easier as we ended with 37 in TS! We got on top of CA and there were no more BP to be seen, we picked the spoils and did our spams and brought the honey home! From starting down 10 to ending with a +10 shows that we are still established ! Thanks to all the Misfits that showed up Shout out to Pants for smiting an AGS during fight GF Bp, too bad there were some mains involved. Zee POV Backwoods POV Full Clear AGS PK
  14. Fkn great fkn job at the PKRI today! down 10?? Mains ?? No problem for misfits !

  15. i wish they fought back ......
  16. Zee


    yo dik huge
  17. busy day for busy bees ! Good job to all who showed for the events today ! Gz on wins

  18. DC approached Misfits for a PKRI and we accepted. We were defending CA while DC rushed from the west. We were holding the CA teleport spot while killing any DC coming into us, eventually their number thinned out and we got to push on top of them. It was too bad that raggers found the fight and were hitting from SE graves. Nonetheless it was a good fight. It was strange to me fighting another clan wearing our uniform, not used to it! Zee POV