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  1. http://imgur.com/FqnZQui Finally reached my goal of 99 Prayer a moment ago finishing of my account! Stats: 60 Attack 99 Strength 99 Ranged 99 Mage 99 Prayer 99 Hitpoints 88 Combat and most importantly 1 Defence! Would like to say congratulations to @@Pug who should be finishing up his prayer grind within the next couple hours and hope to see a post from him in the morning Thanks
  2. Nice man Should consider going for 53 prayer instead of 52 because it wont affect your combat level
  3. Well done man, Truely an epic account
  4. Well done lads Enjoyed the POV zquickster
  5. I dont use a vpn for Rs but I use one called expressvpn for playing arma, its really good but again sadly not free. not sure how the rates compare to zenmate
  6. Didnt like the name 88cmb I got Lvl 88 instead, Thanks for the suggestion zquickster haha
  7. @@zquickster I got 88Cmb but ill keep an eye out for a better one
  8. Not sure if anyones still reading this but thanks for all of the replys I have decided to instead go for 99 Prayer at 60 attack, this will make me 88cb so a pretty good build within the cap. Note: Level 88 name is taken so ill need to think of something else
  9. It wouldn't mean leaving the bracket for wilderness trips, it would mean I need a second account if I want to continue participating in preps
  10. Thanks for the responses Thinking I might start working on another account and if I do go 99 attack, I wont do it until my new account meets the requirements for the clan. I always find decisions like this impossible because once you do it you cant go back.