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  1. Here we go, no turning back Made the decision to get 70 to last longer on trips and to bring +1's without so much worry of losing it. Edit: The image doesnt show up someone help
  2. GZ! Dont get too excited about this guys and go get urself cleaned tho ^^
  3. Didnt know agility is so important I'm starting the grind to 70 tomorrow for sure !
  4. Thanks everybody! Yea I guess its time to go for max now ! And whoever is thinking of getting 75 attack, imo it's definitely worth it !
  5. http://imgur.com/a/nD0tw http://imgur.com/a/QGBtP I finally reached 94 magic today and my stats are starting to look pretty good imo Ready for friday! Thanks to everybody in this clan, you guys have really motivated me to train my account. I was 72-73 cb when i joined, so i've made some nice progress! Next goal for me is to get halo I guess
  6. Gl with it I need 2 more levels too for 94! I hope so much I'll get it for friday!
  7. You dont like it or it rly doesnt work?
  8. I like it tbh Just made my black d hide chaps (g) look uglier
  9. Gl man Will be interesting to see what u get ^^
  10. Just wanted to show everybody what the new graphics look like, heres a pic ---> http://imgur.com/a/MVLnQ and http://imgur.com/a/fei5I EDIT: Heres a whip spec pic http://imgur.com/a/cbArx