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  1. Well, for $300 I’m not sure you can get amazing quality, but I’m sure you can get by lol. You’ll want an i5 or higher series processor (if you’re going Intenthat is) and at least 8 gig of RAM (I’m assuming you’ll be editing aswell). Graphics card: go for an NVIDIA GeForce GT 710 or better. @@Dutch you couldn’t fix a shoe sole with superglue tf you mean almost anything?
  2. Imagine being so bad at an online video game that you have to hack and dox and take things irl to try to win. If that’s not slumping, I really don’t know what is. Fucking pathetic. On another note, stay safe online, friends. Be mindful of what people see and what you put out there.
  3. Brooooos lmao FI and IR got fucking destroyed! Good fucking shit!
  4. 50-55? lel. I've seen us pull that to midweeks. That's actually hilarious.
  5. Nice man! That’s one of my favorite pets lol
  6. Oh shit dog! fuck yeah dude!! grats!!
  7. I see that RNGsus is with you. Lol
  8. I’ve got a range tank myself that I started. It’s go the same attack/str, but it’s 51 range and 41 def Lol. I really need to get back on it tbh.
  9. Lol I do just about everything on Exilent. I only use OSB for my alts. XD