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  1. GF guys, the mains weren't with us. Was fun, Sad PX crashed.
  2. me and my bro dirty dutch were doing kbd when a whale ass main tried to join us but we said nawh, we added him and his pchats were ON LOLOL! We killed him unskilled and got some bank loot off the dude, heres the loots lmao
  3. very nice my dude I have like 800 kills there on my main, when i can afford gear for that acc again I'll join ya'll
  4. nice i literally just got it on my main this morning at 44 kc lolol
  5. Nah I'm a bit of a redneck I dont really know how to record I would love to though I pk quite often, wish I had this and last nights on vid :/ If you know the basics of record msg me on ts
  6. Me and a couple friends were lurking around kourend on w25 hunting for pures killing sandcrab killers, and sure enough we found a couple blue hats. After a proper 2v2 their tber jumped on me, and decided he wanted to stand in front of me with smite on in robes. I specd his bitch ass out for a blowpipe and 1k scales. My buddy got the loot because he was fighting him prior. Heres the lootations boys!
  7. So me and four or five others were hopping around at 21 hills when I noticed a skulled bot standing in multi. I decided to smite up and blitz the shit out of him lolol, I was expecting a few pieces of rune, because he didnt bother putting his overheads up. I assumed he was suiciding with protect one item. I was happily surprised to see the whip on the ground when he planked! We iced a few kids up at Callisto as well. Here are some pics of the lewts, ty noobs was ez