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  1. @@Forest Laugh the reason you weren't allowed on the trip is because nobody in the community knows you yet. You've intro'd/app'd but have 0 referrals, and nobody was willing to vouch for you and say you are trusted enough to join the trip. Hang out on ts and talk with the boys, chill in the cc and make conversation, attend midweek trips and non-pking events. Just get to know people in general and make friends its not hard to get your referrals if you're active. Remember, clans are more than just random players who join together to pk - we're a community of friends and just like IRL you wouldn't want to bring some random dude who doesn't know anyone on an outing with your buddies.
  2. Sick, now get 1 more level for 1500 and join the big skiller club
  3. I was going to die to my 47cb ironman with them then buy rune arrows with the points. Would have been enough arrows to alch to get ice blitz. But apparently that's been nerfed and won't work
  4. I'm probably going to sub one of these accounts to farm emblems on, which would be better? 49 Combat - 38 max hit w/ skull, 40 max hit if I non-skull 53 Combat - 37 max hit w/ mage, 17 max hit w/ dragon thrownaxe, has venom, can use imbued heart to tb toward end of fight I need to farm two T10s.
  5. Sweet gains, your acc is looking so nice
  6. Can't see it settling for more than 30m when hype dies down :/ It might be new best range training for pures though. Idk if it will beat chinning or not. The mace is new best str xp/hr for pures (and maybe mains).
  7. Awesome job, keep it up and I'll let you meet Rihanna