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  1. So last weekend I bought an account , from “Big Tbh†some of you might remember the dude some might now but anyways he recovered the account back today . Thanks to papa doc and backwoods for letting me know last night about the dude . So don’t trust the guy!!
  2. Can someone help me with my teamspeak Account from my phone be link to my ts on my pc , cus when I go on I’m a special guest ???
  3. I’m gona give it a try
  4. Anyone need warm ups ?!? Pm me let’s White portal some shit !
  5. Well finally get some time off some work ! More Rs let’s go ! MISFITS!!
  6. Thanks to you brother ! For the recruit!!
  7. Makes it my official ONE YEAR being a FUCKING M I S F I T !!! LETS GO!!! M ON MY CHEST