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  1. easy for misfits good pov
  2. Good to be back :)

  3. wtf is that??? looks like gruel lmao
  4. gotta show my love for konduit here unless im doing NMZ then i use Runeloader
  5. beautiful post brings a tear to my eyes good fucking work
  6. Howdy killer bees! I got a quick question for you guys regarding training bursting on my zerk. So my main question here is what gear should I be wearing? Do I go for full on prayer with the vestment robes, or should I be wearing the best mage gear I can and just sacrifice a bit of AFKability. The main reason I'm doing this is because it offers a good amount of multi-tasking so I can play other games or work on my pure while I train this guys mage and not have to tab back to my RS and drink pray pots. Is it even worth it to do this setup or will the xp per gp be more expensive in this setup than a max mage gear. Also if anyone has any other suggestions that would be greatly appreciated! (CURRENTLY 70 MAGE)
  7. ooooooooooooooooo gratz bro
  8. see ya in narnia mate