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  1. Earlier
  2. Wave:buZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  3. Missing ya'll <3 

  4. Hope everyone's doing good 8==D


  5. sup homiesss!! daddys back

  6. Are Ya Winning Son?

  7. discord brother bee
  8. Smitteh


    They stay in Discord, I thought I told you. ;P
  9. OopsNoLimits


    Yo where's everyone talk and chill at now??
  10. @Zee Miss this brother <3 you still running?


  12. did you bot most of it?
  13. ye just got mage left
  14. missing him rn

  15. Gzzzz mate ! You finished on the acc now ?
  16. Hugeeeee Cockkkkk1
  17. Zack

    sharkbrew vs rot

    how come everyone in a main clan is literally retarded
  18. Not really. slush actually right here. if those nigs want a rank they can apply for it like evry1 else lmfao.
  19. rot leader does make some good points!
  20. lmao even sharkbrew in the anti rot alliance
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